Do you know what really annoys me?

You might regret asking me this question or after my reply you might just think Im loopers altogether (but thats OK  I get that a lot ). I would not consider myself OCD or anything, I’m in no way your so called ‘neat freak’ and there is no hope you will EVER find my room tidy, but you know what really annoys me… When someone puts their bag on my bed or even upon the bags entering in my room . Its the most disgusting, vile thing I’ve ever come across. You carry a bag around with you all day, putting it down on dirty floors, dirty buses, putting food, tissues, and everything you can possibly find into it, taking items in and out of it all day long and while all this is happening you may not know it but I know that your skin particles are falling in to it.Image

So as I come home from a tiring day of college or dancing, a friend or two might tag along to chill for the evening. So a usual chilling session of ours would consist of nothing less than a whale portion sized dinner, followed by a four hour long food coma with some urgent ‘portaloo breaks’, a little snooze and not forgetting some giggles. The enjoyment that should accompany such activities are like jews in Germany, nowhere to be found. Up until this point were the best of friends enjoying a chilling session…  We casually make our way up to the court room (i.e. my bedroom) both of us prepared for the dispute ahead. The never ending stairs seem like a walk along the green mile, are we walking toward the death of our friendship over my issue with dirty bags? each step has its own complaint and opinion about the highly infected rucksack and how it cannot enter my room. 

The thought of such antics makes me want to barf. How can you single handedly set your daily germ bank on top of my resting place. I’m forever told how its not dirty but I constantly ask ‘sorry do you have a microscope their?’ who knows the millions upon millions of germ farms growing on the surface, The tiny microscopic minions parading all over my bed, coming from all destinations, to ruin my life… I think not!


Therefore upon entering my room please bare in mind to keep your bag not only off my bed but also within a two meter radius of my room, not only for your own risk but for my sanity.

Sincerely, Aoife.


About aoifemcgroggan

Im currently a student at DKIT studying Creative Media. Although I do enjoy the course, my true passion is for dance
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