Being a creative media student.

Im Aoife and I’m currently a first year creative media student in DKIT, however, this is not my first year interacting in the world of creativity,  Im also a very passionate dancer. In some ways I actually feel I was thrown in the world of creativity, my dad being a DJ and painter. But being a dancer offers me a way of expressing myself, and it allows me the utmost creative freedom to do so. Ive been dancing since I was five years old so I have been evolving my creativeness ever since.  I am part of the 12 strong hip hop crew ‘Electro Funk’ and after a year of hard training and a competitive lifestyle we like to  put on a showcase to display our work. I have been part of these shows since I was 5 and now on turning the legal age  ( yeeeaaaaa 18! :] ) I’m now a trainee in the backstage team.

Electro Funk performing 2012

With our 2013 show upcoming in two weeks the excitement is explicit. Nerves are inevitable, but the thrill when performing is undeniable. The awakening burst of adrenaline rushing from head to toe is surreal, but inorder for such feelings to be obtained, a lot of work and preparation must be wrought.

During preperation for the show I was asked to design the poster and tickets. After some  messing about with photoshop, along with some research this is what I came up with.

 Show poster

With only 10 days to curtain a VT must be created to be displayed on the night. Over the last few months I have subconsciously gathered hours upon hours of footage. (Thats the easy part….) However this week I have dug out the clips, rustled through the footage , reminiscing and reflecting our year gone by (I must say a few tears were shed) I have now started the long process of editing, chopping, stopping and starting. . I first started  film editing when I got my first computer, (which nowadays would be unacceptable to be seen within society, it was huge and weighed a ton!) I found a film editing software on it and along with it I also found my love for editing. So here I am in college hoping as a creative media student hoping to broaden my editing skills and more.

Not only have I created some visual digital pieces but also I have being given the opportunity to choreograph some routines that are to be displayed on the show by some of my fellow dancers.

Well thats all for now, Ive a VT to make!:)x


About aoifemcgroggan

Im currently a student at DKIT studying Creative Media. Although I do enjoy the course, my true passion is for dance
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