The poor amazing things that go unoticed.

After sitting here for the last twenty minutes unsure of what to write about, I looked right in front of me hoping for something to pop up but nothing did, and that’s the moment my light bulb switched on. All day every day (well most days) I sit in front of the computer, as do most people, writing, stressing, trying to complete assignments, (this list can go on and on). We think the worlds against us when our computer does not co-operate ‘MAAAAAM the internet’s too slow’ or ‘DAAAAAAAD the computers too full’ Did you ever stop to think for a minute how our keyboards are feeling?? well did you..?

Yes I know its only a rectangular piece of plastic, but have you ever came across a rectangular piece of plastic that can do the things it does? When people look at a keyboard we all see something different. If my little god-child was to look at a keyboard he would see a nice piece of plastic that was going to be his dinner, If my granny was to look at a keyboard she would see a headache coming on, but when I look at a keyboard I see nothing, because I would never for a moment stop to take into consideration how wonderful it is.

OK, well first lets look at life without a keyboard. So you turn on your computer, boom that’s as far as you can go. Nothing can be done, no one can be contacted, no communication of any sort. A keyboard is probably one of the best things ever made. It’s like the good pet you never had. It never complains even though you sit there all day poking and hitting it, and if your like me you may spill hot chocolate all over it, but it still minds its own business and does its job. So, the next time you may think of complaining about how your life sucks think about your poor little keyboard and the tough life it lives.


About aoifemcgroggan

Im currently a student at DKIT studying Creative Media. Although I do enjoy the course, my true passion is for dance
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