Multimedia authoring- research blog continued

I chose to focus on Oisin, as I found him quite an interesting character. His back-story offered me numerous ideas to allow user interactions within my Artifact. With a rollover of the mouse I would like Oisin to fall off his horse and become old and brittle like he does in his story. On falling I’d like to incorporate the idea that knowledge comes spilling out of his head. So I hope to create three pop-ups from his head. I would like my pop-ups to be questions marks and each one with a click of the mouse will provide the user with facts on the land of tir na nog.


A good site I found with some facts I can use is


In terms of Audio I would like natural sounds such as birds and wind in the background. When Oisin falls I would like him to grunt in pain. Upon clicking my pop-ups I would like a bell sort sound.


About aoifemcgroggan

Im currently a student at DKIT studying Creative Media. Although I do enjoy the course, my true passion is for dance
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