week 24th march.

I hate to say it but I have lost all hope in lesson 4. A delighful easy tutorial at first which turned into a nightmare once I hit the suggestions, after attempting one over sevral days, I ended up throwing in the towel. Within an hour I was almost complete Lesson 5! A nice ‘portfolio’ was made. We were asked to create a new flash movie to go into it. I made a simple bouncing ball which started to move across the screen once clicked. This nicely sat in my portfolio. Also there was a pre-made gallery, in which the book suggested us to add our own photos. I enjoyed this part and found it quite striaght forward (well compared to lesson 4 anyway!!). In order to do this I created Thumbnails (TN) and large photos of each picture. I made sure they were tidly in a folder and I then sourced the folder within the code. For once, something worked first time for me! Well although I am sevral days late with my ‘part 2 handup’ I left class very happy on wednesday having completed something and understanding it!

Untill the next time…


About aoifemcgroggan

Im currently a student at DKIT studying Creative Media. Although I do enjoy the course, my true passion is for dance
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