Back on the mend


Unfortunately I have missed almost two weeks of college due to an illness. I felt a little stressed as everyone seemed to be already forming a group and have a strong idea of their project. However Todays class gave me a good insight into the type of project I would like to work on. Myself, Shane, Will and Fei formed a group based around the vague idea of motion play. We all are bringing our own interests/ideas to amalgamate one idea. Shane first brought up the motion sensor idea. I immediately wanted to be part of this. I feel with my 14 years of experience of dancing that I would find this enjoyable. Before today, I was a little unsure/worried that I wasn’t going to be in a group that I would enjoy. After 15-20 minutes of talking to the lads I immediately knew that we are not together based on friendship. I find this is a huge benefit to us as we are all in the project to work toward one goal.

We would like to create a dynamic experince that allows the user to create art through movement. I really want to focus on the whole dynamic experince. I want each user to have been able to create something different each time they play. We have a lot to cave in on. We have to decide what our core principal is… be it art, or sport.

We have decided as a group that we would like Shane to take on the role of project manager. Along with this we have scheduled a weekly meeting either wednesday at 12 noon or 3pm. In this weeks meeting we are going to discuss our group contract and make sure everyone is on the same page.

I am really looking forward to working on this motion based project and with these group of lads who share a similar interest, I believe we are going to get on well and hopefully achieve our goal.


About aoifemcgroggan

Im currently a student at DKIT studying Creative Media. Although I do enjoy the course, my true passion is for dance
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