Thursdays class gave myself and the group an opportunity to indulge into our idea. We each brainstormed our own idea at home and brought these into class with us. We watched several videos from One that really captivated me was the ‘conduct us’ video. It was an outdoor experience for your everyday joe soap to conduct the orchestra as he pleased. Also we seen some installations which used lasers. After the videos we broke into our groups where we discussed our individual ideas. We all agreed that the lasers were an interesting and creative aspect to any installation.

Fei mentioned that upon reading my blog he was interested that the fact I have 14 years of dance experience. From our first group meeting we all knew that we wanted to work with motion sensors also.

We wrote down keywords on a page and combining all our ideas we came up with a user interaction based installation…. SPOTLIGHT



About aoifemcgroggan

Im currently a student at DKIT studying Creative Media. Although I do enjoy the course, my true passion is for dance
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