Multimedia Project Planning & Development


So we have been given our theme for our major project. The theme is ‘PLAY’. A basic, fun, four letter word. In terms of building a project, the theme ‘play’ gives us the upmost freedom and creativity to create an enjoyable experience for its user. The word play is most commonly associated with children, a word used in the playground or the playroom. However, I have broke down the word play and found that everyone should reap is benefits. Basically, play is a form of fun, and engagement in some type of action which stimulates enjoyment without the strain of stress or understanding. It prompts a human state in which we are happy, elated and jubilant.

Upon my research I came across this interesting article ( ) which discussed play within a childs environment. As i read onward there was one particular paragraph which sparked many ideas which helped me with my brainstorming.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 12.04.01
( image source: )

This included the characteristics of play. It discussed how it should be the obvious which is enjoyable, but also noted an’adventurous yet risky element’. This one really stuck in my mind. In contrast I also like the ‘therapeutic’ elements. This opens a whole other realm when brainstorming my project. Furthering my reading in this article, it states the various types of play that exists. Play can be pretend play, play with rules, physical play, collaborative play… etc.

Today we had our pecha keucha presentations. This was a chance to get to know our classmates a little better. After each presentation I learned a little something extra that I didn’t know before, about each person. The presentation provided insights to the creative sides and outside lives of my classmates. Luckily, I didn’t get the chance to present myself, this giving me another week to prepare a little better, and to show off other aspects of my life that I think would be beneficial to a group.

Today in Class, we had to give a rough idea of our first concept. From the beginning when our theme was introduced to us, I wanted to create a realistic relaxing environment. One which almost resembles Pandora from Avatar. I began to research Pandora, and came across this exhilarating picture. I would like to create such an environment alive with light, visuals and sound.






(image source)

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 11.43.03


I would like the individual to have a choice of which realm they would like to enter. Each one consisting of their  own unique sounds, lights and visual according to the enviroment.

(image source)

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 11.45.21


(image source)

I would like my installation to be visual sensual, therapeutical but also with the feature of user interaction. This is what will bring the element of play to life. Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 11.45.41


Being honest, I have not quite figured out how I will go about this yet… so stay posted!




Furthering my research I found myself intrigued by the whole Pandora construction/ installations.  I found some really inspiring videos on youtube.



Todays class gave me a good insight into the type of project I would like to work on. Myself, Shane, Will and Fei formed a group based around the vague idea of motion play. We all are bringing our own interests/ideas to amalgamate one idea. Shane first brought up the motion sensor idea. I immediately wanted to be part of this. I feel with my 14 years of experience of dancing that I would find this enjoyable. Before today, I was a little unsure/worried that I wasn’t going to be in a group that I would enjoy. After 15-20 minutes of talking to the lads I immediately knew that we are not together based on friendship. I find this is a huge benefit to us as we are all in the project to work toward one goal.

We would like to create a dynamic experince that allows the user to create art through movement. I really want to focus on the whole dynamic experince. I want each user to have been able to create something different each time they play. We have a lot to cave in on. We have to decide what our core principal is… be it art, or sport.

We have decided as a group that we would like Shane to take on the role of project manager. Along with this we have scheduled a weekly meeting either wednesday at 12 noon or 3pm. In this weeks meeting we are going to discuss our group contract and make sure everyone is on the same page.

I am really looking forward to working on this motion based project and with these group of lads who share a similar interest, I believe we are going to get on well and hopefully achieve our goal.


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