week 24th march.

I hate to say it but I have lost all hope in lesson 4. A delighful easy tutorial at first which turned into a nightmare once I hit the suggestions, after attempting one over sevral days, I ended up throwing in the towel. Within an hour I was almost complete Lesson 5! A nice ‘portfolio’ was made. We were asked to create a new flash movie to go into it. I made a simple bouncing ball which started to move across the screen once clicked. This nicely sat in my portfolio. Also there was a pre-made gallery, in which the book suggested us to add our own photos. I enjoyed this part and found it quite striaght forward (well compared to lesson 4 anyway!!). In order to do this I created Thumbnails (TN) and large photos of each picture. I made sure they were tidly in a folder and I then sourced the folder within the code. For once, something worked first time for me! Well although I am sevral days late with my ‘part 2 handup’ I left class very happy on wednesday having completed something and understanding it!

Untill the next time…

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So after many attmeps of the suggestions in Lesson 4, I am finding it hard to complete it. The first suggestions wasn’t too bad, however I am now using the ‘if’ and ‘else’ statements. I would like my code to allow the user to have more freedom in this virtual paint board. I have been asked to give the user the option of changing from ellipse to rectangle at their own will, also giving them choice in size and colour. And to be honest I have no idea how I am going to do this! 

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Overall I am happy with the turn out of my project. I’ve learned many skills within director and i feel a lot more comfortable using the director application. However if I were to do it again I would definitely spend more time on my graphics in photoshop before bringing them to director. Seeing as I am no Picaso I would consider looking up useful drawing tutorials also.

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thats a wrap!

Well this week I got my application finished. I added the finishing touches and made a word document to reference my text and audio sources. Here are some final screen shots of my application. 






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Adding rollovers and audio

Today I thought it would be nice for my user to see what items are clickable. I done this by adding a glow to the characters when the mouse rolls over them. It adds a nice little touch to the users experience. 

I also added an audio clip to my application. I wanted to set a relaxed atmosphere with a celtic touch and I found the perfect clip on YouTube… Go on have a listen, you know you want to!!


Until next time!

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more progress.

Today I feel my project is really coming together. I created more files in photoshop such as my envelopes and my text, saving them as PNG files again. I brought them into director and started to add the code. I researched the four categories…. a) Women of celtic mythology….. b) celtic heroes of the ancient world….. c) The gods of the celts …. d) Creatures of ancient celts.

On finding information I wrote about each one on a separate ‘fact page’ which will appear on a click of the mouse.


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Celtic application progress.

Today I have really got stuck into this project. Making my celtic themed landscape, my horse animation and glowing stars I am now really enjoying this project. I created each image in photoshop and saved them as jpgs. On bringing them into Director i encountered a problem. The ‘matte’ option did not cut around the edges elegantly. So I went back as saved them as PNG, hoping they would work. Fortunately they went into director beautifully and i can now continue my project. Until next time! 🙂

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